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Related post: Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 19:46:54 -0500 From: Sammie G Subject: Rain on me/ Chapter 2Disclaimer: This is a FICTIONAL story describing the love triangle of a teenage boy. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, loli magazin lolity school porno or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then refrain from reading it. The story consists of lust, incest, passion, teenage romance, interracial, love and all the rest of the good stuff in that order... Prepare to be rained on.Feel free to send email or comments loli cgi bbs about the story to - Definition of Rain \ r-an\ lolicon schoolgirls v 2: To bestow abundantlyRAIN ON ME CHAPTER TWO Chapter 2...Chapter two. Can he touch me? Can he caress me? All this without knowing that I was lost in my sexuality. I was lost in the feeling of poetry. It was my love poetry. No, not love. Let those who read these words know the difference between love and lust. Love conquers everything above the waist and lust lola lolikon conquers everything below free hentai lolicon videos it. I wish I knew that then, then when I was mesmerized loli doujin when I ukrain lolit wanted rain. I had gone to my room and put on the radio. I played it loud and found myself falling deep in love with the song that was playing. "Rain on Me", Ashanti sang, making her lyrics seem like a power of passion. She ukrainian angels loli was describing what I felt at this very moment. To me rain was a cure, a cure to pain or in my lolicon porno bbs case it was a cure for loneliness. Real emotions were filling my mind. There was someone in the next room that wanted me. I wanted them just as hard. So why wasn't I with him? I hadn't lost my hard-on, but only kept it hidden. The night lolitta mpegs was so blurry and I found myself getting so emotional. Was I gay?Was I gay because last night loli pic when I saw Robbie my hands got sweaty and I panted. I wanted to touch his skin and to make him know that I was passionate. I couldn't be with Robbie. I found myself stuck in my own mind. He was a boy, I had a crush on another boy and worst of all, his mother would probably be getting married to my father. I didn't love Robbie. I didn't pretend it was Robbie right next to me as I jerked off. Still, there was something in me that called to him. Something in me that wanted him. It was not a perfect passion, but it was the best that lolis angels juniors I had. The feeling was killing me as I sat on my bed, straddling my pillow. The hours began to pass away and yet the feeling ilegal kinder loli wouldn't go away. I was sure that Robbie had either fallen asleep or gone to talk to his mother by now. I hadn't heard Dina (his mother) leave, but I was sure even lolitta girls tgp if she was still in the house, she would be somewhere remote like the basement. I thought that I didn't have to worry about another encounter with Robbie, but then I heard a knock at the door. My head prayed it wasn't Robbie, but my heart implored on the small hope in this being real. Then I heard the door open and remembered that I hadn't locked the door! Oh God, just take this pain from me-"Damien, you awake?"My head had somehow collapsed on the pillow pretending like I was sleeping, while lying loosely on my stomach. When I didn't answer, he didn't seem the least bit yielding. I heard the door close and saw his shadow against my rug as Robbie began to creep up behind me. What was he doing? Didn't he see that I was trying to get some sleep?"Damien, I know you're awake."I still ignored him and let out a little snort lolicon bbs clip to further influence him on the fact that I was sleeping. loli porn illegal I tried not to shiver as I loli orgasm felt his touch on my underground porn loli lower leg. At first, I thought he was poking me to wake me up, but then I felt his touch rubbing me. He was rubbing my leg intimately, beginning to wake my body up. I tried to ignore it again, but felt his hand getting higher, reaching underneath loli cp first pics my basketball shorts. I tried not to make any noises as his fingers began to massage my upper thighs. There young lolipop teens was a heavy weight on the bed that suggested Robbie was sitting. What was he doing? I thought fuck little lolitta of turning off my stomach and just finding out what he wanted, but I knew what he wanted. He wanted me. I wanted him as well, but not so openly. He rubbed on my thighs more and with both hands now. I started to squirm with his gentle touch, but it didn't seem like he noticed. pre teen asian lolitta I stayed still once again and nymphet lolicon stared down into my pillow. Suddenly he was digging underneath my basketball shorts and touching my upper thighs. He had gone so far that he realized that I wasn't wearing any boxers! I never slept in boxers. This seemed to intrigue him, as his hand got up to touch my ass. This was really getting crazy! He fondled my butt cheeks, squeezing them like a toy. I was enjoying it a lot at first, but then realized that I probably couldn't go too much longer without letting him know that I was awake. I tried to resist the urge of moaning my ass off! Suddenly, I felt him trying to pull down my shorts and before I had a chance to pull them back free movies xxx loli up, he had my ass cheeks spread. As the fat of my ass spread, I knew what he was going to do. I felt his nose on the top my ass then felt his lips trying to dig into the crack. By now I was moaning lowly, trying to disguise how much I hated his teasing. Soon after I felt teen 6 cp lolicon something wet in my ass and knew lolitta porn thumbnails it was his tongue. His tongue started licking around insides of my at first and then he just pushed it into my butt-hole."UghhhhhhhhhHHH! What are you doing to me?" I finally cried out and yet spread my cheeks even more to give him more access to it."I thought you were sleeping?" he teased and then let out a slow, sexy laugh."It feels good," I finally complimented him, "Don't stop."At that moment I knew that I was probably just becoming another bitch that begged more of the beautiful Robbie. I didn't deny it though. Now I knew loli under age girls why this kid had girls lining up just to talk to him. His hands parted my ass and he dug his whole head between my cheeks. His tongue was longer than I had mine was. It ran into my ass-hole going as deep as a little finger would. I panted and moaned, "Lick me." I inocent lolitta wanted him to make love to me. lolit porno 14 yo I tilted my head up and began to moan. He took his tongue out for a moment and started to bite onto my ass cheeks. I moaned louder than I had the first time as I felt his tongue breaking into me like nothing I had ever experienced. I felt like I was about to climax without even touching my dick. He pushed my ass more against the pillow that I had underneath me. He was trying to push me into admitting alfa loli porn he was loli pedo cp nude the best lover that I ever had. He was the best, but I couldn't admit it."You lolicon ped like that?" he asked while one of his hands started climbing up to my face. I watched the fine black finger touching my lips trying to get into my mouth. I opened my mouth and slurped on his finger pedo loli preteen while he continued to explore my ass. His tongue was rolling between my cheeks by now and he was moaning with me. I began to thrust my ass against his lolicon galleries portal lolitta tgp face, wanting even more of the sweet emotion that I was already feeling."I love it," I finally answered, "Your tongue is so wet...ughhhhhhhh! Lick my ass with your wet tongue!""I want to lick your ass, Damien," he said, "right now, its all 'bout you.""SHUT THE lolitta hardcore FUCK UP AND LICK ME!" I demanded, lost in the moment.Suddenly I heard loli sex vids loud footsteps coming up the staircase from our room. Robbie probably didn't hear it with his head so far up my ass, but I kicked up at the bed and surprised him. He jumped to his feet and I pulled teen porn loli my naked lolittas pants up, my ass still wet from his saliva in between them. He stood up and I looked at him for the first time since he entered my room for my russian loli porn first rimming experience. He was beautiful, just like he was when I brought him in. His lips were really wet though, from all the spit that he was inserting into my ass and he was still licking, probably trying to get the last taste of my ass off his lips. He jumped off my bed and wiped his nice, pink video lolite petite lips. He looked at me with his baby eyes, almost brining a strong awkwardness to him. I wondered if dark thumbs loli he was drunk, but at that moment, he didn't seem like it.After the moment of awkward stares (which seemed more like a lifetime) he ran out of his room, probably to see Dina climbing up the stares and meeting him. ~As soon as he left, I lay on my pillow and really slept. I was exhausted and all I did was recline on my stomach while Dina's son ate my ass like it was his birthday cake! I had a smile in the night, probably because I was so thoroughly satisfied. I dreamt a wet loli brazil dream, waking up soaking with pre-cum. The worst part about it was that it wasn't over Robbie. Robbie was probably one of the best looking cats that I knew and his sensuality was impressive, but he wasn't who I wanted. I dreamt once again lolits young xxx about my CRUSH. I dreamt that it was my CRUSH licking my ass instead of Robbie.The sensation that I got out of the dream seemed preteen lolitras twice the worth of the real life rim job I received from Robbie. When I did wake up, I felt terrible. My head was hurting and my dick was stuck between hard-ons. young loli teen nude I kept thinking about Robbie, then about my CRUSH, then between the two I still managed to think about the many different reasons that I had to keep Dina from marrying my father. Getting up feeling like I shit, I looked in the mirror and realized that I russian loli pedo looked like shit as well. Somehow I had managed to drool (probably from the wet pedo loli girls dream) and the drool had dried on the side of my face giving me something like a pedo lolitta mask. My eyes had a beat red color and my face had prints on them real cp pedo lolikon of where I had slept on my hand. I ran in the shower and made it as cold as possible. I hated cold water, xxx loli group but I knew that I probably couldn't handle a warm bath without leaving a shower full of cum. Pops seemed to be home and I didn't want to be stuck from school, cleaning cum out of the shower. I went in the room, feeling a little better. I found that some of my clothes were missing and so were a cp network loli pair of my Timbaland boots. I knew that Robbie probably had japanese porn loli them. Normally I would have lesbian lolicon tgp run to his room and barked on him for stealing my stuff, but I didn't even want to face him today. I was looking forward to another day of seeing my CRUSH, but regretted having to share this day with Robbie's first day in school."Hey, Damien, how you doing son?" my father asked me as I walked in the dining room. From the dining room I could see him standing over the stove preparing some eggs to go with the pancakes that were japan sex loli already set up on the dining room table.That was another thing that I didn't like. Dina preteens models lolicon hentai did nothing for my father. She didn't work he didn't clean and she didn't cook. All she did was give good head (this coming from his mouth during a fight). lolity free porno She and Robbie were sitting at the table, already starting their breakfast. I looked at the resemblance between the two. It was uncanny how much the petites loli looked the same. Both had the strong dimples that seemed inches deep. They both loved to smile and laugh. They were both about the same height. Both of them had shared two equally pink lips that they licked often and they both had video lolite porno interracial a way of free lolicon erotica pleasing others..."Good," I said, taking the only seat available which was the one across from Robbie. Robbie hadn't looked up since I walked in the room. I noticed he was wearing one of my outfits. He seemed loli japanese gallery to be concentrating a lot on his food. I wondered if he was loli model really drunk last night, but somehow remembered that we did something we weren't supposed to. Either way he seemed nervous about starring at me."Ay Pops, asian lolitta you know I like meat," I replied as soon as I sat, pushing away the pancakes, "you didn't make bacon?""No," Dina interrupted, " I threw the pork out. We ain't trying to mess with no pork with all that Mad Cow disease or whatever."I rolled lolite pedo my eyes and got up from the table after hearing my father let out a little a laugh. He had a confusing sense of humor. I looked down at Robbie one more trying to board loli see if he would catch my eye, but he didn't. I walked into the kitchen and started to pour out the juice into a glass. I appeared that things weren't going to be so amsterdam pedo loli boy easy. I regretted giving myself to Robbie like that. It shouldn't have happened when he was drunk and it probably shouldn't have happened at all. I returned to the table where Dina seemed to let me know some unneeded information about the dangers of pork. 3d toon loli She used big words and large sentences but still made it seem like she just heard it from one of her girlfriends. I tried not to roll my eyes too often, but I couldn't help it. Everything that came out of her mouth was either bullshit or mixed up. After a while, my pops finally got her to shut up by offering to take her shopping. That was the only way to shut Dina up. It wasn't too long before she jumped out of her seat and headed out to warm the car engine up. My father went right after her, promising that he would buy me something. I wanted to ask loli incest xxx lolit him if he could drop Robbie and I to school since it was Robbie's first day but I preteen lolite sex xxx needed some time alone with him to find out if he remembered last night. For the first ten minutes, we had the excuse not to talk to one another because he was still eating, but after that awkwardness forced us to bring up the subject."Damien," he said as he came up from behind me and touched my shoulder, "I want to let you know that I really wasn't drunk last night. I toplist loli got a shot of gin before I came here, but it was just enough to loosen me up."I was surprised at this and daddy cum loli didn't know what to say. By now I had nothing to say. I just started to wait, waiting and hoping that he would something else that would take pressure off his first statement. That didn't happen, instead he said something that was even heavier."What we did last night was magical," He said and then gave me a loli pedo preteen bbs kiss on the cheek, "I want to do it again, because I really do care about you."I best russian loli site tried not to think about what happened with Robbie when we went to catch the bus. It was really hard though. We couldn't even look one another in the eyes for the whole morning. lolit sex young Tiara seemed to be very interested in Robbie. She kept asking me to introduce them, but I didn't really feel like it. Either way, Robbie was already getting a lot of other admirers. The girls were understandable, but lolicon free picture the boys confused me. Most of these boys weren't gay, but seemed to be demanding attention from Robbie. To them, he had my style of dress but had more handsome face. It seemed like the spotlight had been jerked loli pedo away from me. I wasn't jealous, but only caught off guard by all the compliments Robbie was getting using my clothing. He hard loli pedo bbs did free loli cartoon sit loli kdz as close to me as possible porno lolity on the bus though, but Tiara was a girl that demanded a lot of space. She moved closer to me as well and they seemed to be competing for space on the little bench. Soon Robbie gave up and left.Our school bbs spider loli system only had four classes and the first three classes left lolia preteen porn no clue of seeing Robbie. I guessed I wouldn't be seeing him but when the last class came, he was standing right outside the door. I looked in lolitta tits ass cunts the class and saw my CRUSH sitting by himself in the class. He was playing with his braids between nude loli his fingers."Robbie, what are you doing here?" I asked him, nervously staring into the classroom hoping that Robbie wouldn't see how fine my CRUSH was. I hoped my CRUSH wouldn't see how fine Robbie was. I wondered if I had competition."This is my class...don't tell me this is lolicon art thai loliteen sex yours too? Oh, dame we got the same class," he laughed seeming delighted almost like he didn't expect something like that. I didn't expect it in this class. I couldn't have it in this class. I laughed with him trying to lighten the subject a little. We had lolicon photos free entered the loli pictures class together and Robbie sat in the free loli doll pics seat next to mine. The bell had rung not too long from when he got a seat, so he was forced to move by Isaiah, who was the biggest dude I knew. Robbie didn't even argue with being a pretty boy and all. He didn't look much like the fighting type. He stood in the front of the class, allowing lolit cp xxx everybody to admire how sexy his dimples were until Mr. Bryant (the teacher) gave him a seat. It was strange at first but soon Robbie preteen lolite underground was seated youngest loli nude right next to my CRUSH. 3d loli sex animation I frowned and my eyes strained knowing loli nimphets that before the period ended, Robbie would succeed in where I failed. He would speak lolit a model to my CRUSH. My eyes stalked them the whole period and like I thought, Robbie had already started speaking to him. I would see Robbie's face light up and I knew that they were having an interesting conversation. Then Robbie seemed giving my CRUSH a slight nod towards me. I didn't know what they were talking about but it seemed so interesting. They both had smiles on during the entire conversation and I could see that they would always crack up laughing after a little russian loli pics while.Ten minutes before the class was loli video 10yo over Mr. Bryant assigned partners loli hentai videos for a biography report. We had to team up with another person in the class and work on the biography. I could hear Robbie calling me from across kinder loli 3d the room, but I so mad that he was talking to my CRUSH! I turned around trying to ignore him and chose Big Isaiah as my partner. That was the biggest mistake that I probably made in my life. I looked at Robbie and he didn't seem too heartbroken that he hadn't picked me because he had my CRUSH as his partner.By the end of class Robbie met me."Eric is coming to the house to work on the biography with me..."
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